Site Redesign

This is an update to announce that this site will be redesigned and relaunched sometime in the near future (before the New Year)(I hope) in a format that is easier for me to work with. Trying to tell a story in a blogging format using blogging software is less than intuitive for me, though the individual who manages my site for me says it’s perfectly simple. Even so, I have convinced her to use a different format and software that will make it easier for me to update my site when I wish.


The story of Rhiann, Hsaarra and the world of Sau’du is far from complete. Even as I write the chapters you have read and will read in the future, new details seem to constantly appear that I had no idea at the time would even be relevant. It is thanks to you and to all of my online friends who help me to brainstorm and flesh out the characters and their world.


As a side note, a second, totally different story is likely to be started at or near the relaunch of my site. Some few of you have heard me mention him, but most will find him completely new. For now, imagine “The Six Million Dollar–Fox.” You might get close.

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